Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ACL Surgery 12 Weeks Post Op Question

Here is my 12 week update....http://www.aclsurgeryrecovery.net/06/recovering-from-acl-surgery-3-month-rehab-progress-update/.

At the 12 week after ACL surgery I was starting to get into joggin on even surfaces and lots of biking. The biking was in my mind the best thing for the knee to get some strength back and lots of circulation.

Hopefully your recovery continues to go well.

Hey I messaged you before, soon after my operation, when I couldnt bend it straight, your exercises helped me alot, and im 12 weeks post op my knee feels good, still going to physio strengthening and doing balancing and etc. Do you have any exercises that would be good to do at home for the 12 week point?
Thanks alot!

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