Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing Soccer After ACL Surgery

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the different little things in it. I am into my 4th week post ACL surgery now and been progressing pretty well.

My main question is about your re-tear the first time on returning to soccer at 8 months. I was told around the same timeline from my therapists. About 6-8 months returning to play pick-up and then ease back into competitive soccer.

I noticed you mentioned about being cleared to return at 8 months. What was the reason for your re-tear, I mean any particular part of the rehab not done well ? or just a return to competitive sport without pick-up ?

Just keen to know so I don't face the same issue. I am gutted to be out of soccer for 8 months and am clearly looking to return asap.

(this guy is pretty amazing - both juggling skills and moving around after ACL surgery!)

My main mistake when I returned to soccer was that I did not return slowly and build up to competitive level. 

I had just finished University and so had spent a couple months studying for finals...once they were over and I was at my new job I went out and played competitive soccer which ended up in me tearing my ACL. 

So I think you have a great approach to start slow and take it easy until you get confident. 

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